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Experience the complete Nu shave




The full-size starter packages include all four components to achieve your ideal shave, with the  the Nu Onyx Shave Brush, Preshave, Shave Cream, and Aftershave in your scent of choice. The combination of these quality ingredients and a handcrafted shave brush will elevate your shave, leaving your skin smooth, moisturized, and ready to conquer whatever your day holds.
The handsome packaging makes the starter package a perfect gift for yourself or others, with special pricing to embark on your Nu journey.

Nu Start Packages
Nu Replenish Packages



This replenishment packages include full-size Preshave, Shave Cream, and Aftershave in your scent of choice
to continue your Nu journey without missing a beat. These luxurious products work together seamlessly
to elevate your shave, so you won’t want to be without.


Nu Replenish offers the best value available for this exquisite line of shaving essentials.

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