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Nu Start Package—Clean [Essence of Masculinity]

Nu Start Package—Clean [Essence of Masculinity]

SKU: NU-NS-C-102018

Nu Start Package

This full-size starter package includes all four components to achieve your ideal shave, with the Nu Onyx Shave Brush, Preshave, Shave Cream—Clean, and Aftershave—Clean. The combination of these quality ingredients and a handcrafted shave brush will elevate your shave, leaving your skin smooth, moisturized, and ready to conquer whatever your day holds. The handsome packaging makes the starter package a perfect gift for yourself or others, with special pricing to embark on your Nu Journey. 


(1) Nu Onyx Shave Brush

(1) Nu Preshave (2.5 oz/75ml)

(1) Nu Shave Cream—Clean (5 oz/150 ml)

(1) Nu Aftershave—Clean (3.3 oz/100 ml)



Handsomely packaged, ready for gift presentation.

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