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Elevate your shave with Nu Scents



[Essence of Masculinity]

Reveal your virility through Nu Clean. This sharp, empowering scent epitomizes the Nu Man—a man who is ready to tackle the toughest challenges with class and determination. This immortal,
full-bodied scent combines a mix of natural aromas reminiscent
of ocean waves and wooded forests to make a bold statement.



[Essence of Lemon & Coconut]

Escape with the sweet aromas
of Nu Fresh. The complexity created with warm, sweet coconut contrasting perfectly with zesty lemon hues results in this alluring, mysterious treasure. A simple inhale transports you to a warm beach where you are free to explore, relax, and relish in the finest luxuries.



[Essence of Sandlewood]

Breathe deeply and experience Nu Natural. This exotic and complex scent is best described as soft, warm, rich, refreshing, and rejuvenating.  It is slightly spicy
and woodsy, with hints of vanilla. The Nu Man is ready to embrace a hectic day on the job, or an adventure outdoors or in a faraway land with this mysterious, sensual scent as part of his shave routine.


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