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Nu Onyx Shave Brush

Nu Onyx Shave Brush

SKU: NU-SB-BG-102018

Nu Shaving Brush

The Nu Shaving Brush is a fundamental element to achieving your ideal shave. The synthetic hairs of the brush are unique in today's world of shaving, feeling soft and plush against the skin. They retain warm water, helping to soften your beard hair. Using a shaving brush to apply your shaving cream helps lift hair for a cleaner, closer shave. The Nu Shaving Brush helps create a thick lather with your shave cream. The brush spreads it evenly on your face where it belongs, rather than soaking it in. A shaving brush also aids in exfoliating skin to help release trapped hairs. The handle is made of a marbled resin mix that looks and feels as sleek and refined as you-the Nu Man.

Features and Benefits:

Synthetic hair with an ombre effect of the hairs changing from cool grey at the base to rich black tips.

Synthetic hair is a time-proven material for creating a rich lather.

Greater hair density creates a fuller feel.

Black marbled handle is hand-crafted, making each brush unique.

Nu logo embossed in silver on the butt of the brush.



Handle: 66 mm high

Diameter: 37 mm at widest spot

Knott: 24 mm wide

Loft size: 55 mm high

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